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Wakulla County is located smack in the middle of the Florida Panhandle, right below Leon County and Tallahassee. Also referred to as "Willkillya County" and "The County". Damn near everyone is nice and will give you a wave when you drive by. Lots of dirt roads. Home to Wakulla Springs State Park, where the original Tarzan and Creature From The Black Lagoon were filmed many years ago. Recently received a Wal-Mart and McDonalds a few years ago. Famous people from Wakulla COunty.... well, Jeff Shields has the band Stereoside touring the country and promoting the release of their album "So Long".... And there was that one kid that went on to play football at FSU and then on to the Miami Dolphins special teams. Anyhow, you will find your mix of all kinds of people in Wakulla, which is generally quite about 99% of the year. With a few beaches on the Gulf, it's a nice place to relax and eat some boiled peanuts which you bought off the side of the road.
redneck 1 - "Whatcha doing later, Earl?"
redneck 2 - "Gunna head down to Wakulla County and shoot me a deer."
#wakulla #crawfordville #county #florida #panhandle
by Raoul McCool January 28, 2009
A very small redneck community, just south of NoWhere. The only things to do in Wakulla are to go huntin', fishin', and sometimes hangin out at the local Walmart. Wakulla is not receptive of the nerdier types, but the social classes of teenagers generally accept whores and/or sluts. Seriously, if you value your virginity don't come here.
Wakulla County- home to everything you want to avoid.
#wakulla county #wakola #wakula #willkillya county #terrible #stay away #(rednecks) #get us out of here please
by Amelia Cumberbatch July 19, 2011
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