The first bonfire of the season. Always accompanied with drinks and lawn games.
Broseph1: Broseph, I know you're coming to Wake the Dragon at my place on Saturday.

Broseph2: You know it Broseph!
by dexbuddy May 24, 2009
To arouse the desires/longings of a female, usually inebriated, with no intent to deliver.
Trish said "Yo, Dee, don't you be wakin' mah dragon 'less you gonna dive! Really, that is unacceptable."

Dee replies "What means to "Wake the Dragon"?

Trish explained "To arouse my feminine desires and NOT follow through with the promised intercourse, silly!"

Dee sighs with ennui, and retorts "Oh, of course."
by willowphlucker October 17, 2011

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