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Located in Wake County of North Carolina. It was recently under construction to build a four story tower building. It does not have as many teenage drunks or potheads as their rival school Wackfield(Wakefield).

Wake Forest Rolesville has an amazing football team and graduation rate.

The football team went to the state championships for 4-AA for the first time in school history in 2010.

The softball team won 100 straight games, too.
The Marching Band also went to the finals at their competition in Sanderson High School. They placed 7/8 in the finals, but 7/20 in all.
Wake Forest Rolesville High School is an amazing school.

We are the superior school compared to the school across the river and inside the woods called Wackfield(Wakefield).
by Star Fox Elite January 28, 2011
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Located in Central North Carolina. Sucks at pretty much every sport other than football. Rivals are Wakefield who beat them in everything. This school is old at shit and a bunch if drunks attend this school just like Wakefield so they dont have shit on Wakefield. SO WFR HOP OFF!
BULLSHIT, Wake Forest Rolesville High School
by abcdef7211 January 18, 2011
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