A small town located in northern Indiana a little north of Nappanee and west of Goshen. Has a small population, and it's name is translated into "Knee deep in mud" in an unknown indian language. It has been considered an odd name, seeing as the town has little mud.
Person 1: Let's go to Wakarusa to hang out.
Person 2: What is there to do there?
Person 3: What's a Wakarusa?
by Band nobody February 09, 2011
Top Definition
Music/camping festival near Lawrence, KS. Named after the Wakarusa river which means "ass deep" in the local Indian (not sure which tribe) language. Started in 2004, I have been for 2005/2006. Totally sick line-ups both years. 5 stages with music going all night long! Check wakarusa.com
You "Did you catch the late-night Buckethead set in the campground tent?"

Me "Hell yeah, I'm still trying to find my face, it melted off. He is the jedi-master of the guitar!"

You "Wakarusa is the shit!"
by Dumbella June 13, 2006
Noun. Music festival held at Mulberry Mountain near Ozark, Arkansas. The festival started in Kansas and moved to Arkansas and has been held annually since 2004. Smaller than Bonnaroo but better and safer vibe.
Dude, this year we're bagging the Roo and heading to Wakarusa. Waka waka!
by seattle_expat March 06, 2012
The tusk of a large hairy wook.
"How long you been growin that wakarusa, brah? It's wicked heady!"
by Dave Schools March 27, 2004
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