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The best DDR song ever. gs68 is a big, smelly meany who's small, smelly brain (read; wang) can't understand the genius of Jenny ROM's songs.
knock knock
whos there
waka laka
;-; wtf u guessed it
by Johnson ;D October 22, 2003
waka laka is a very hard 8 step song because of the doubles, it is rather annoying and I can't do it. Its confusing
Waka Laka sucks!
by brett August 24, 2003
Shitty DDR song. Is said to be very hard for an 8-footer because of the jumps. I would rather have my intestines extracted, grinded up in a mixer, and be force-fed to me than play this piece of shit at all.
Wa-ka La-ka it's a thing to play forever...AAAAARRRRGGHHH!!!
by dj gs68 July 18, 2003