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1. A game to play forever, just to be together. 2. A place to be forever; love and fantasy. 3. A never-ending story, glory, glory, glory. 4. Magical and tender, musical and wonder fantasy. 5. Something that makes you fly.
Waka Laka's a game to play forever, just to be together!

Waka Laka's a place to be forever, waka laka love and fantasy.

Waka Laka's a never ending story, glory glory glory.

Waka Laka's so magical and tender; musical and wonder fantasy.

Waka Laka makes you fly!
by Seifer Almasy January 03, 2004
A song made by Jenny ROM and The Zippers (no, not zippers on your pants). It is quite adorable and spirit-lifting.
happiness...see, doesn't that tickle your heart?
by wakalakalover45 March 21, 2005
A metaphor for Ecstasy (the drug, not the state of mind).
Waka Laka's a thing to play forever
Just to be together (Just to be together)
Waka Laka's a place to be forever
Waka Laka love and fantasy
See Waka Laka when you need
a flight of fantasy (fantasy)
Ecstasy (ecstasy), Rhapsody (rhapsody)
See Waka Laka when you want
a love so tenderness (tenderness)
Waka Laka make you fly
by Koiu Lpoi August 11, 2004
THE BEST BEST BEST BEST DDR SONG EVER I just play it OVER and OVER and OVER again I LOVE it SO SO SO SO much because ever since REHAB this is the only thing I can do to get HIGH it is like an ACID TRIP it is SO SO SO SO GREAT im writing this right after playing so im still a little STONED lolz but it is the BEST it hooks techno lovers and rock fans because it is about DRUGS there is no way u can not like this song so um G2G but yea IT IS THE BEST
ECSTASY WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE i love love love this song so so much if it was a guy i would want to have its baby WEEE that is how much i LOVE this song
by WAKA LAKA January 13, 2005
Waka Laka is a very hard but very cool 8 footer.
It's Waka Laka time
by GuB October 01, 2003
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