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(origin: Arabic) Eminent, V.I.P, Alternate spelling to Wajeeha.
She named her daughter Wajiha.
by flooven March 21, 2009
17 4
A gorgeous person who is trust worthy,honest and loves life. They are intelligent and they never want anything bad to happen to anyone.

One who is usually very caring, modest, lovable and friendly. This type of girl usually brings peace and joy to others.Once you've cracked their shell you will find them no where near shy but still amazingly cool.
Look at Wajiha, she is such a blessing.
by sm2176 April 11, 2013
9 1
An amazingly gorgeous individual that is hard to find. Often, Wajiha's are big-hearted and come in an all in one package.
"I wish I was an Wajiha" person #1
"Yes they're adorable" person person #2
by lol4737 April 11, 2013
6 0