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the drunken or otherwise just lazy pronounciation of the won-ton (a delicous asain treat)
wah wah-tah?

(want a won-ton?)
by emily e July 05, 2005

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fight overcome postive power strength.
ones positive inner strength that is used to overcome adversities and accomplish goals.
Grant used his Wah-Tah! to ace his math test.
by Seth F.Tobin March 31, 2008
The all-natural beverage that ninjas indulge themselves in on a daiy basis. It is also used in the cleansing ritual Shao-waah.
Boy 1. What do Ninja's drink?

Boy 2. Wah-Tah!!

by Uttenger February 28, 2006
Them things that come out when we feed Wah beer.
see Wah Hooters.
Wah! Show us the "Wah Tahs" you douchbag!!!
by anonymous1022 April 14, 2006