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ones positive inner strength that is used to overcome adversities and accomplish goals.
Grant used his Wah-Tah! to ace his math test.
by Seth F.Tobin March 31, 2008

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fight overcome postive power strength.
The all-natural beverage that ninjas indulge themselves in on a daiy basis. It is also used in the cleansing ritual Shao-waah.
Boy 1. What do Ninja's drink?

Boy 2. Wah-Tah!!

by Uttenger February 28, 2006
Them things that come out when we feed Wah beer.
see Wah Hooters.
Wah! Show us the "Wah Tahs" you douchbag!!!
by anonymous1022 April 14, 2006
the drunken or otherwise just lazy pronounciation of the won-ton (a delicous asain treat)
wah wah-tah?

(want a won-ton?)
by emily e July 05, 2005