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A word for describing when a woman's pants are pulled up so tight you can see her beef curtains. This has the resemblance of tracks left by a wagon wheel. Observing said event can be enjoyable yet leads to penis frustration since it makes you want to have sex with her. The term is synonymous with camel toe.
1. "Her wagon ruts made my dick want to travel the oregon trail."

2. "I'm no Stephen Hawking but her wagon ruts are sooo deep her vagina might be a black hole."

3. "The fabric of her pants created wagon ruts as it tried to traverse her cavernous poon."
by cmoney55 September 18, 2011
A condition that exists when a woman's pants are so tight in the crotch that her lips can be read through her pants.
Those shorts were so tight she had a wagon rut
by T-Luo June 20, 2007
The overly disgusting vaginal area of a woman. Usually trademarked by a deep tan or red from over stimulation (i.e too much fucking). The labia are usually elongated and droopy.
When she took off her panties the wagonrut I saw made me cringe.
by Crawling Chaos January 15, 2011
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