The act of drilling holes in a pumpkin around its circumference (at least five holes) and getting a group of guys to fornicate in the holes (thus, the penises being the spokes of the wagon wheel). Extra points are awarded for completing said activity while rolling down a hill.
Fellow A: "Man, Halloween was FUN last night."

Fellow B: "Yeah, especially when we stole the jack o' lantern and ran a wagon wheel on it."

Fellow A: "Don't tell my girlfriend. Please."
by B-Rice and C-Monstah November 01, 2007
A.K.A. The starfish, usually covered with chocolate. Should remain an EXIT ONLY for men, Optional for female.
I Cramed my cock in her wagon wheel
by DR. Know October 15, 2003
Another sexual act.

This one relies on a lot of upper body strength from him and good balance from her.

He lies flat (on bed or floor) and supports her as she takes his member in her mouth and then does a handstand.

Using the man for support, she is spun around 360 degrees...

Difficulty rating 8
Pleasure Rating: 9
Guy 1: So how was that girl you pulled?
Guy 2: Man, she did a wagon wheel on me...
Guy 1: Lucky bastard!
by 5exua1Devi8 February 09, 2009
absolutly amazing chocolate biscuit that comes in a array of diffrent flavours E.g jam ,chocolate, plain
"mother did you buy any wagon wheels at the super market today" "aaaaaaahhhhhhh son stop talking about that filth in my house! get to your room now."
by nathan davis-broome November 18, 2005
to spin one's genitilia in a "wagon wheel" motion in order to entice onlookers.
This chick came back to my place last nite and so i gave her a wagon wheel. It worked strate up, i got lucky that nite, yo.
by samstorm December 05, 2004
In the case of the standard Wagon Wheel: a fetish comprising a black girl's creampie.

In the case of the jam Wagon Wheel: as above, but whilst said girl is menstruating.

Origin: stark resemblance to a Wagon Wheel biscuit, side on and half munched.
And when he was finished with me, well, lets just say I was a one-woman wagon wheel. Word.
by Malcy Bee February 13, 2005
A rather attractive and enticing looking woman.
"oh my god check the ass on that wagon wheel"
by sanholstpiece April 22, 2009

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