a white man with a afro
dood check out that wafro on his head
by ChadWicKeD! January 10, 2003
Top Definition
A rounded, thick, tightly curled hair style found upon a white man's head.
Yo` Ryan you need a haircut! You're rockin` the mad wafro dog!
by Trigger.k January 27, 2006
The White Mans Fro
Man-get dude whats that?
Wafree- oh this?
Wafree- This My Wafroo!
by Bishmaple April 02, 2009
A white person's afro.
Dude, that guy's wafro is awesome!
by JTA123-Lib January 31, 2014
see chris cooley of the washington redskins
chris cooley has a wafro.
by jimbob joe August 12, 2006
Everyone seems to think I had one. Eventhough I repeatedly explain my non-wafro'edness. People are just stupid.
Some douchebag at school: Hey! nice wafro! Me: Wafros don't hang to the side or have parts, dumbshit.
by Kaji February 27, 2004
This is a white mans afro
must add 1 inch to higt and must not have gel or any hair care products in it
afro come is aloud to be used
Yo I'm a wiger with a wafro
by Jazza Colfer April 21, 2009
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