a fat homosexual who has a small penis and enjoys having sex with smaller people with the same size, so as not to make him feel like a complete loser.
That waffle cock over there tried asking me to have sex with him!
by Tom23543 December 20, 2006
Top Definition
A acronym for an elite secret group of individuals each with their own different abilities. The group is thought to be so powerful if the acronym is ever revealed by one of its members, entire planets may be destroyed although the effects are still unknown.
"I heard a member of WAFFLECOCK took on Chuck Norris and it ended with Chuck Norris shitting himself"
by Gothicmoocow August 22, 2009
can also mean rubbish or poppycock, can also be used to declare shenannigans during a drinking game
"I just can't believe this waffle cock!!"
"You cant do that in beer pong!!! I declare waffelcock!!!!"
by Indy&Shortround April 29, 2008
waf·fle·cock (wof·uhl·kok)
-noun, vulgar.
a term of derision, used to contemptuously mock an utterly senseless young male. A wafflecock is typically naïeve, foolish and lacks vision.
"Dave was such a wafflecock last night."

"I behaved inapropriately. I acted like a complete wafflecock and want to apologize."
by Robert_22 March 09, 2008
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