The interesting looking red impressions made on your butt/leg when sitting on a textured surface for a long period of time.

Usually only occurs while wearing a swim suit, athletic shorts, or other light garments.
We sat down on the pool deck and listened to our coach talk for 30 minutes. By the end, I had waffle ass from the tiles on the floor
by Indomitable798 June 16, 2009
An ass that has so much cellulite it resembles a waffle.
I was about to have sex with this girl but when she pulled down her pants,
I almost vomited at the sight of her waffle ass.
by ham May 10, 2004
An ass with the scar that looks resembles a waffle of a tic tac toe board due to a second degree burn.
Damn that girl has a waffle ass.... so hot
by sunshinebaby May 08, 2004

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