To be used as a replacement for "Douche Bag".

A waffle twat can be any annoying person, from the frat boy at the bar dry humping some girl's leg, to your boss who won't leave you alone.
Man, that frat boy thinks he's so cool. What a waffle twat.
by hoozat?! February 15, 2010
Top Definition
The product of forcefully flogging a vagina with a tennis racket.
"That bitch gave me blue balls, so I got her back with a waffle twat"
by Vaginal_Discharge March 30, 2005
An unusual, unnatural or otherwise abnormal vagina.
Guy #1: I was pumped until I got her in my bedroom.

Guy #2: Why? What happened?

Guy #1: She totally has a wild looking waffletwat, bro
by Dooooop July 29, 2011
a vagina shaped as a waffle its like almost like twat waffle but that is when your vagina shoots out waffles!
i just a girls waffle twat mmmm was it tasty like kaitlyns.
by May 23, 2008
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