The Impression of a chain link fence that is left on a girls ass after she has had sex with someone through the sex.
That Army/Airforce girl was so hard up for dick she got a waffle ass from that Detainee
by Flightdoc August 08, 2008
Top Definition
Waffle Ass is a term used to refer to a womans posterior after it has been spanked enough times in any given direction to leave the imprints resembling that of a waffle.
"Girl, I'll spank yo ass so many times you'll have waffle ass for a week."


"I was diggin this chick 'til i saw she had been waffle assed by some dude minutes prior to our date."
by Jason Landrie February 07, 2006
the impression that is left on a girls ass after she has pressed it against a chain link fence to have sex with a man on the opposide side of the fence
That Army/Airforce girl was so hard up for dick she got waffle ass fucking that detainee
by Bucca Bandit August 27, 2008
1. What happens when you sit on a Milk Crate for extended periouds of time.
Man I sat on that Milk crate for a couple hours last night at the camp fire and went to bed with a waffle ass.
by BillyGoat November 14, 2002
An ass that looks like swiss cheese with cellulite.
That girl's waffle ass was so deep it could have held a whole bottle of IHOP syrup.
by Sardonic10001 October 18, 2008
N. An alcoholic pothead.

Etymology - Describes a blacked out pothead's ass after he sits on the waffle iron. Typically only achieved with a BAL above .4%, some may find marijuana is not necessary to achieve this effect, but ganga has been scientifically shown to increase your odds of making waffles 1000%. Usually one comes out of his or her blackout only once one's flesh begins to char. Mmm, burned human ass flesh.
Dude, why the fuck do you have pot in your vodka? Your such a waffle ass.
by ***fuck you, the mighty fucker March 15, 2011
When a man has the imprint of the shower drain on his ass after hot sex with a woman. In order to achieve this look the man should sit directly on the drain while the woman bounces on him. After this violent escapade the man's ass will have a design resembling an Eggo.
Bob's ass looks like an Eggo because I gave him waffle ass during that hot sex.
by Leggomyeggo11 December 15, 2010
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