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An Arabic/Persian/Urdu female proper name that literally means: faithfulness and loyalty in love.
Wafa is so sweet, faithful and true - her name says it all.
by iloveher August 26, 2005
in arabic, if your name is wafa, you are very beautiful. Also very loyal and real. Wafa's are usually very middleeastern looking, but in a good way. Beautiful, Sexy, Cute, Pretty, and usually skinny
Wafa was born in Saudi Arabia.
by muahmuahh June 26, 2011
We Are Fucking Awesome
Hey Courtney I had a great time with you this weekend, WAFA!

The bouncers think WAFA and let us in with no cover.
by JT Wendt October 12, 2008
A middle eastern/Persian name for a girl. Usually with caramel or tan skin, dark hair and eyes. A girl who is honest, true, loyal and pure. She is beautiful in the most subtle way. She is smart, witty, bubbly and out going, she makes friends wherever she goes. With a robust exterior personality but in truth she is secretly a delicate and sensitive girl.
Guy: See that girl with dark hair?
Friend: Yeah. What about her?
Guy: I'm going to ask her out.
Friend: Why!? She's so obnoxious! And from here she doesn't look real fine either, kinda chubby really.
Guy: Nah man, look closer that's just what she chooses to show you. Her parents should have just named her Wafa.
by Thenamedictionary November 15, 2013
A person of oriental descent.
"Where are you from?"
"Oh wow, you're a wafa!"
by Kayty September 19, 2007
We Are Fucking Awesome. Also a shortened version of citing BJ WAFA.
adj. "Dude those tunes are so WAFA."
n. "Have you heard WAFA's new stuff?"
by BJ WAFA April 08, 2010
Will Always Fuck Anyone
Dude 1- Have you seen her facebook pics, shes defs DTF.
Dude 2- Nah dude, shes a WAFA.

Dude 1- Dude, last night the club was filled with WAFA's
Dude 2- Fuck you dude your moms a WAFA.
by moumink August 09, 2010

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