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Used for denoting some mysterious creature who everyone wants to get rid off. Its not a common word but when people goes on some extreme farce they are termed as Wadekar. Also a person who is a Wadekar usually have lots of money but still dont want to use it - extreme case of Miser and unsocial. Also such persons personality is to eat a lot and if food is available for free they will die eating for it. Mostly used for bad omen.
1. Person A: Man.. this food is free, gonna eat it till they run out of supplies

Person B: Just stop it! Are you a wadekar?

2. Did you hear that he was just caught watching gay porn from his laptop in loudspeaker, must be a Wadekar.
#hungry #unsocial #nerd #miser #burden
by BurdenOnEarth January 14, 2014
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