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A derogitary word used to describe an annoying or gay ejit/ ruddy idiot or a complete spoon (wide variety of uses, usually apllied to complete tards- aka the extreme champion of champion tards)

also related to a cock soda, and a complete wanker...

stemming from the two conjoined words;

Wab: clump of semen/ cum

tard: abbreviation of retard

Example 1:

IRL or on the interwebz:

Wabtard: Hai thar nabs :> I r pwn u all tbh hahahahaha, now I will masterbate in ur eyes kk?

Dude: O... K

Wabtard: oh btw I stole ur credit card number and bought child porno with it, and then I rang the police and told them where u live... aren't I just grate? kthxbye :>

Dude: Fucking Wabtard

Example 2:

Watching some complete jerk off on T.v:

"Omfg look at that cock end Russel Brand... what a F*cking Wabtard"
by Lolando August 09, 2008
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