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The sound a trombone with a mute makes. The trombone often being played by a man with sunglasses and a berret. Two consecutive notes in a row, the first being higher than the second. Only used when someone does something dumb.
"Hahaha, that fucker backed into the car! Waa-waa!" or "You blew bong juice all over your pants! Waa-waa!"
by Pete April 21, 2003
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Someone who is always bitching and whining about someone or something. A crybaby. A whiner.
Dan: I just found out my girlfriend has been screwing my best friend.

Kevin: Stop being such a waa waa and kick his ass!
by Roger Bauer August 01, 2006
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1. Used by the maker of a joker after he tells the joke and receives no laughs.
2. Sign of failure in telling a joke.
3. Often used after bow chica bow now.
man: "Hey, this guy was like 'Let me drive your car' and this girl was like 'Okay, it's a stick.'" Bow chica bow now! (No response) Waa-waa!"
by M Zooks December 03, 2004
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a nice way of saying vagina, like lady garden, fufu, britney
"omg did you totally just see my waa-waa?"
" and he tried to feel my waa-waa and i was like HELLLL noooo"
by lalala ;) November 10, 2008
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A way of saying "very"...
often used by creepy irish women who like to talk about dirty priests and other mortal sins...
"Ooooh Brid those curtains are waa waa nice!!"
by Toot March 08, 2008
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