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A person that became a meaning...

A professional DotA player. He is known to be extremely strong. Many people often wonder... What does WXM FTW mean?

1. The person who says it first, processes the power to overcome/dominate in a DotA game, with WXM's unique spiritual guidance.

2. Simply promoting/honouring the great WXM.

This word began to spread in various places, it was first seen on a private Battle.Net Server 'Bored Aussies', many players would often say "WXM", this may create fear or sudden abandonment in a DotA game.
Nicol: WXM FTW!!!
Barney: Argh, crap... I got no chance now... can i please leave?
Nicol: WXM
Barney has left the game.
Nicol: GG, WXM power!
by jsx85 February 03, 2007
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