Acronym for "What Would Jack Bauer Do?!?!"
Person 1: You have 24 hours to save the world
Person 2: WWJBD!!
by Amolo January 28, 2006
Acronym for "What Would Jerri Blank Do? In reference to the stupid junkie whore from the cult classic TV show Strangers With Candy.

"Get herpes in the back of a cab."
by FrankShaw1900 September 25, 2009
Acronym for "What would Justin Bieber do?"
In considering our application design, we're going to first need some industry experts to provide the appropriate business reasoning for their UI suggestion as our creative department wants to do something very different in how user information is gathered. But we should also consider WWJBD.
by joelbondurant September 17, 2010
Acronym for "what would James Brown do?"
Man, It's 2 in the afternoon and I'm amped up on meth, I've got this shotgun, but I don't know what to do.

Well, WWJBD?

Hmmm, I guess he'd lead a two-state police chase in his bathrobe.

There ya go.
by Jim Christian September 12, 2007
Acronym for "What Would Jason Bourne Do?!"
Person #1: We have to fax that memo now, but the machine is broken!
Person #2: WWJBD?!
by conradbrean April 18, 2009

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