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Abbreviation for what the noob, which is the most powerful "what the" ever known. It outwits what the heck, what the hell, what the fu**, what the shit, what the damn, what the cows, etc. No origin of the word is available, but it was presumably started by teenagers in Hong Kong.
George Dubya Bush:(spills paint on Kim Jong Il's uniform)
Kim Jong Il:Wtn you *@$#!
by CBNSK October 22, 2007
What the Nerd, referring to nerds. Can be Used instead of WTF.
Ex. 1
"Look at that nerd."
Ex. 2

"You have a F"
by Waverunnerdude13 May 17, 2011
Stands for What the Nig. Used as an insult to dark skinned people and a comment on something that is odd, or strange. Not often used in public, for it screams Racism. A replacement to WTF (What the fuck)
WTN is wrong with j00!
by Lord Permillium III November 12, 2004