Want to fetch (some) barbecue?
person 1: I'm so hungry
person 2: Me too.
person 1: WTFBBQ!!!
by AwesomeCakeMan July 30, 2007
Top Definition
:to make fun of, or to not know, what somebody is talking about:

:to be shocked by what someone has said:
(Fenix) i cut out my left testical to be like hitler

(Blade) WTFBBQ !!!
by coFF33 October 23, 2003
a internet slang that has been misused for randomness, the actual meaning of wtfbbq is what the fuck bitch be quiet. . .-.-

foe when someone is spamming or just being weird.

by Jaz0p October 14, 2008
Exclamation of intense incredulity or bewilderment.
A response to discovering that Vanilla Ice, Tammy Fay Baker, and Ron Jeremy are among those to appear together on the Surreal Life tv reality show: "WTFBBQ?!"
by cynical August 04, 2004
A saying used to express confusion, disbelief, or anger.
A rock hit me in the head one day and I was like
by suToraiKu kuruZa April 24, 2004
The expression started in Halo I, during Multiplayer. A character named BBQ ran sometimes got bored and decided to Rocket his own teammates, resulting in a team kill. Their expression was WTF BBQ? Remove the question mark and the space, WTFBBQ.
Guy1: LOLOLOLOLOLOL -Kills someone-
BBQ: -Rockets him-
Guy1: WTF BBQ? We're on the same team
BBQ: -Rockets him again-
Guy1: WTFBBQ, you're banned -Kicks-
by LordYuan August 13, 2008
What The Fuck Be Back Quick

A phrase used to either quickly get out of a shocking conversation or to run away and catch up on the subject of a current hot topic.
Sheila: Remember that store down the street? They"re going out of business. Everything is 80% off.

Christie: WTFBBQ!!!
by MANTISscream April 25, 2009
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