it means wrickled titty fuzz.
one meaning does.
another means wut the fuc*
and they are also many others.
usally used in disbelif and uses a excamation mark (!) instead of a question mark (?).
You have WTF!!

Omg no way, wtf, why wuld she say that!?
by meeee February 28, 2005
(abbr.) Why the fuck?
WTF you do that for?
by QZkotL April 09, 2003
what the "f" word this is for the people that cant curse.
W-T-F is wrong with you?
by bobyboe March 28, 2006
Wenseday Thursday Friday
i got to work W T F

you want to go to the beach on W T F
by The KON April 17, 2006
Used in texting to say what the fuck
Jack wtf did u send me
by brahhh May 04, 2015
Welcome to Facebook!
Where's the food?
Who's the fairest?
1. Wtf! Log In, Sign Up or Learn More.
2. I'm really hungry. Now wtf?
3. Mirror mirror on the wall, wtf of them all?
by Fay_ April 20, 2015
What you say to your parents when they friend you on Facebook.
Your dad befriended you on face book
Dad: Hi phil
Phil: WTF
Dad what does that mean?
Phil: Welcome to facebbok
by Locomehican April 16, 2015

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