Wheres the Fire
Mostly miss represented as What the Fuck but is really Where is the Fire
WTF, Dude Fuckpants Taco
by Chris (gay) Howe April 11, 2005
Where's the fridge?
When you arrive at a drinking party you ask the host "WTF?" in which case they would lead you to their kitchen and show you all of the alcohol contained in their fridge. WTF=wheres the fridge?
by Janiepooo1985 December 09, 2008
New band from williamsburg: Waiting To Fall.
Have you heard the new band, WTF? They are awesome.
by Drew October 17, 2004
AOl or aim term meaning wht the fuck
BIlly:hey that dog is so sexy
some other guy: WTF?
by Like i'll tell u June 18, 2003
What the fuck? This is my catchphrase. Don't no one take it. :P
by Monotonous Tofu August 17, 2003
a shortened saying of saying, "Went to France."
"Yesterday, Bob WTF in Europe."
by Light dude September 17, 2006
Possibly the world's greatest acrinem however the hell u spell it
stands for what the fuck
WTF, mates? -this is from ebaumsworld on the end of the world, and if u havent watched it yet u MUST!!! or u will die so go to www.ebaumsworld.com and go to the search in the top right hand corner and type in end of the world-
by Batman January 27, 2005

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