wtf normally means what the fuck?
But you can use any of the 5 w's in place of what.
Dude1: Yo dude2 man can hook me up wit that girl in your class?
dude 2: Wtf eueuuwwwwww why? She's so ugly.

ex 2: Dude im goind to the AMC later wanna come wit?

dude2: Wtf is the AMC.
In this example the w stands for where.
by kidcanada101 June 27, 2004
What The Fuck
used a lot when you don't know what is going on
N00b: MOG@!!!!! i own3d your ammaamam1
T.K : WTF?
by TAKAVAR March 27, 2004
Westeren Trade Faderation
Her: Where do you work....?
You: WTF Bitch?
by Dr. Dentist October 15, 2003
Acronym for "wack the ferret." A less offensive translation of "wtf," which is more appropriate around young children and/or their overly protective parents.
Angry Lawyer: WTF!
Little Boy: Mom, what does "wtf" mean?
Mom: It means "wack the ferret," son.
by Fenixclone September 21, 2007
What The Fuck. Often used in Instant Messaging.
Instant Message
Stevo145- Ewww. His teeth are so yellow XD
Margon56- I know. WTF
by Roxanna Marie April 20, 2007
A typed acronym meaning "what the fuck". Sometimes idiotically used by nerdy children in spoken language, although the phrase "what the fuck" actually has fewer syllables than the letters "wtf".

WTF, why dont i have a life?
by InjunWarrior February 27, 2006
1.What The Fuck??!!
2.(with -) A DotA mode that enables all players to cast spells without mana costs and cooldowns.
2.I -wtf'd the game, and the enemy's team just owned us!
by SamuraiXXX™ December 24, 2006
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