This is a place where emos and idiots whine about every little thing they can think of.
Emo-"Lets go to wtf!"
Normal Person- "No thanks."
by Abizaga August 30, 2006
Shorthand for "Why the failure"
My math teacher put "WTF?" on the top of my test in which I drew a cow where the answers were supposed to go.
by Grammar National Socialist December 17, 2009
An acronym commonly used online to complement somone on a skillfull execution of an action. Literally: "Wonderfull tact, friend."
"WTF! That was unbelievable!"
"Thank You"
by See Game Informer Issue 159 August 27, 2006
stop counting the cutlery, mother!
three samll spoons are missing, two big spoons, and one fork, where are they? WTF.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh January 29, 2010
want to fuck
Tomas:what do you think about joy.
Chris:i wtf that.
by Charliethefuckinunicorn March 22, 2009
what's this foolishness?
If you were to recieve a math test paper, and it said "wtf?" you have clearly committed a very obvious error.
by TFO January 11, 2009
It can mean multiple things. Who the fuck? When the fuck? What the fuck?
"WTF! I know you hack!"
"wtf are you?"
"wtf are you gonna get back?"
by Script October 09, 2004

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