What god said when he made you.
God: ..and i'll call them humans ... WTF!
by Fiftycopper August 14, 2007
a very cool slang word
Yo wtf is up with the ketchup
by dasjklhgasd August 05, 2007
What the Fuck. For slack ppl like me who cant be bothered writing the hole wrd.
Bill: Jimmy, u were pretty pissed last night, how did it go with that Jenna chick. Jimmy: umm... wtf happened last night.
by Zephan March 14, 2005
Wife Type Figure. Generally refers to a person in non-traditional relationship in which someone is unhappy with his/her spouse. Otherwise known as a "ball-and-chain," or soon-to-be ex-wife.
Lemme check with my WTF. I'll get back to ya.
by Secretly Sexually Twisted March 26, 2011
WTF is the abbreviation for "What the Fuck", though it can also be for who, where, why, when the fuck. People usually put "?!" after WTF, or they just put a question mark. People usually say WTF when they are really shocked by something, that is crazy or really weird or its just a WTF moment.
Dude 1:"Dude, guess what? I killed a dude for no reason"
Dude 2: "WTF?!??! What is wrong with you dude?!?!?"
by Bluestrike February 13, 2010
"what the fuck" you don't say the letters out loud, thats just retarded! you say the words. w-t-f you use it for texting "what the fuck" or for sites such as myspace as it is actually scene as fuck to say wtf & tbh ( to be honest) actually wait...
those tards do say "W-T-F" in real life. grow some balls and swear like a mother fucker ;)
"dude w-t-f was that?"
"tbh i dont really know."
by kirstieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee May 28, 2008
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