A typed acronym meaning "what the fuck". Sometimes idiotically used by nerdy children in spoken language, although the phrase "what the fuck" actually has fewer syllables than the letters "wtf".

WTF, why dont i have a life?
by InjunWarrior February 27, 2006
1.What The Fuck??!!
2.(with -) A DotA mode that enables all players to cast spells without mana costs and cooldowns.
2.I -wtf'd the game, and the enemy's team just owned us!
by SamuraiXXX™ December 24, 2006
Commonly means "what the fuck?" or "why the fuck?" or even sometimes "who the fuck?"
"wtf are there so many entries?" One would suffice... attention whores.
by mulanrooge November 20, 2005
an abbreviation of "What The Fuck" used primarily in text messaging but also as an exclamation in situations where vularity is used with discretion
WTF asshole! I was going to eat that!
by SammyD October 03, 2005
wtf - Water the Flowers
Bob: Yo Tom! WTF!!!!
by nani? naruto?! November 26, 2004
abbreviation for what the fuck?
by Jesus April 22, 2003
WTF: Where's The Fun? Used to shock people who normally expect this to mean what the f*ck. Instead, use it in frustrating or boring situations.
Boss: Okay, staff it's time for our meeting.
You: Oh, WTF! (Where's the fun?)

Teacher: Okay, class it's time for a pop quiz....
You: Oh, WTF! (Where's the fun?)
by Serraboy65 November 02, 2010

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