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A saying or slogan meaning We Think Fast.
David: Your so smart kevin!
Kevin: You know our motto , W.T.F.
David: What the f***?
Kevin: No, We Think Fast, so we are always ahead of the game!
by Johnny Davison March 19, 2010
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WTF is the abbreviation for "What the Fuck", though it can also be for who, where, why, when the fuck. People usually put "?!" after WTF, or they just put a question mark. People usually say WTF when they are really shocked by something, that is crazy or really weird or its just a WTF moment.
Dude 1:"Dude, guess what? I killed a dude for no reason"
Dude 2: "WTF?!??! What is wrong with you dude?!?!?"
by Bluestrike February 13, 2010
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What the fruit
person 1: wtf

person 2: whats that?

person 1: what the fruit...

person 2: why r u saying what the fruit?

person 1: why arent u saying what the fruit?

person 2: what the fruit!!! :)

person 1: what the hell! y r u talking about fruit??? ur gay!
by jjdksla;;alskdfjjfkdslaa;slkdj February 04, 2010
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Weak Tiny Fart
Dude. That was a WTF
by GoforMATt February 04, 2010
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1) with thanks from
2) what the fuck
3) what the frick
4) what the fudgesicles
5) wednesday, thursday, friday
6) why the fuck
7) where the fuck
while writing a letter: WTF, John. (Hilarity ensues)

WTF John! GTFO my couch!

john: hey look! WTF is coming up!
by Alye February 01, 2010
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1. A term usually used in chat rooms to stand for "what the f***", but can also be interperated to mean "way to fail" in reality.
2. what the F |_| € |<
3. Way to fail
1. I heard a noise in the middle of the night and I was like OMG WTF BBQ, but it turned out to be my cat so I went back to sleep.
2. Dude, my girlfriend just dumped me for some nutjob jock!
WTF, that sucks man.
3. I couldn't find my facemask all weekend, so I was freezing my face off when I went camping. I got back home and looked in the bottom of my backpack and there it was!!
WTF, man, epic failure.
by Ozzy skellington December 14, 2009
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what the fuck
wtf r u doing
by booby bear April 29, 2009
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