A gay way of saying "What The Fuck"
guy 1: Dude I broke my penis!

guy 2: WTF
by more_cowbell March 19, 2010
A saying or slogan meaning We Think Fast.
David: Your so smart kevin!
Kevin: You know our motto , W.T.F.
David: What the f***?
Kevin: No, We Think Fast, so we are always ahead of the game!
by Johnny Davison March 19, 2010
WTF is the abbreviation for "What the Fuck", though it can also be for who, where, why, when the fuck. People usually put "?!" after WTF, or they just put a question mark. People usually say WTF when they are really shocked by something, that is crazy or really weird or its just a WTF moment.
Dude 1:"Dude, guess what? I killed a dude for no reason"
Dude 2: "WTF?!??! What is wrong with you dude?!?!?"
by Bluestrike February 13, 2010
What the fruit
person 1: wtf

person 2: whats that?

person 1: what the fruit...

person 2: why r u saying what the fruit?

person 1: why arent u saying what the fruit?

person 2: what the fruit!!! :)

person 1: what the hell! y r u talking about fruit??? ur gay!
by jjdksla;;alskdfjjfkdslaa;slkdj February 04, 2010
Weak Tiny Fart
Dude. That was a WTF
by GoforMATt February 04, 2010
1) with thanks from
2) what the fuck
3) what the frick
4) what the fudgesicles
5) wednesday, thursday, friday
6) why the fuck
7) where the fuck
while writing a letter: WTF, John. (Hilarity ensues)

WTF John! GTFO my couch!

john: hey look! WTF is coming up!
by Alye February 01, 2010
1. A term usually used in chat rooms to stand for "what the f***", but can also be interperated to mean "way to fail" in reality.
2. what the F |_| € |<
3. Way to fail
1. I heard a noise in the middle of the night and I was like OMG WTF BBQ, but it turned out to be my cat so I went back to sleep.
2. Dude, my girlfriend just dumped me for some nutjob jock!
WTF, that sucks man.
3. I couldn't find my facemask all weekend, so I was freezing my face off when I went camping. I got back home and looked in the bottom of my backpack and there it was!!
WTF, man, epic failure.
by Ozzy skellington December 14, 2009

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