Internet speak, meaning, "What The Fuck".

.. Couldn't get any simpler then that..

Jim: I love feet.

Harry: WTF man..
by Kopey June 23, 2010
WHAT the fuck
WHO the fuck
WHY the fuck
WHERE the fuck
WHY the fuck is ben so stupid? wtf
by why is bengay March 23, 2010
What The Flood
Exclamation used to emphasize something as unbelievable or weird as Noah's Flood.
WTF (what the flood) are you doing
by thefloodman January 16, 2010
"what the fuck?"
You are not allowed to be employed or in school if you say it because your saying what the fuck shows a complete lack of regard for what is taking up your attention, time, etc.
"What did he say that got him fired?" she asked.
"WTF." was the answer.
by acorn1 September 20, 2009
"want to fuck" commonly used to trick girls to give it up to you...
tasha- "i just got a new bathing suit!"
ben- "wtf"
tasha -"yeah!"
by beanie! July 13, 2009
In World of Warcraft, it usually means "what the fuck". But when used outside of World of Warcraft, it refers to "World of Warcraft Text File", or simply "Warcraft Text File". This is a text file containing information used in Blizzard's World of Warcraft. It is also a directory holding information from your addons in WoW.
(To GM): wtf is with my ui?
(From GM): Try to delete your WTF folder
(To GM): WTF?
by slxception June 10, 2009
Commonly known as What the Fuck? or who/when/why/where the fuck?

Now used as Welcome to Fairfax
BEN: WTF man
PETER: what?
BEN: welcome to fairfax!
by bearsazRAWR May 24, 2009
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