WTF is the abrevation of the experssion What The Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you asshole what the fuck are you doing!!??!!?? WTF!!!!!
by maidenfan1993 June 05, 2009
The definition of Sarah Palin's Stupidity.
"Most people are smarter than Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin's IQ did not score, 120, not 100, not 80, not even 60, but instead a big fat WTF."
by Pseudonymonic Bob May 08, 2009
1. what the fuck, or fuzz
used in disbelief or surprise

2. will they fuck
used when a couple goes out and the friends left behind are talking about them.

Man"Hey john i got you a dildo!"

Josh and Kate walk away and
Jack says"wtf?"
Mike replies"maybe, josh has a condom"
by flamingicicle April 28, 2009
Work that's fun.
I love this job it's like playtime and snack time !

Yup, it's so W T F.
by Howgayy<3[: March 24, 2009
usually known as the internet abbr. of 'what the fuck' it might also mean 'what the flip' for those who are in the habit of not swearing. the two definations are often confused.
"OMG my net jus died!"
by Bugerme June 17, 2008
wow thats facinating!
wednesday thrusday friday
but it doesn't mean
what the fuck
idk where people got that crap from
"dude, wtf!!!"
"i'll be at the mall on wtf!"
by Danielle B April 25, 2008
acronym for White Trash Female. as a WTM is a white trash male or a WTP stands for White Trash People

Famous Examples:
Brittany Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears
That W.T.F skankwhore was in her bathing suit holding all of her 12 kids barefoot.
by Lauren R April 21, 2008

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