Acronym for Worship The Fallen.

Secret code used by teenage Satanists and celebrity Illuminati members around the world.
Whiz Khalifa - WTF
by Koalaine November 29, 2012
Way too Funny

The new terms for What The Fuck is WDF (what da fuck), DF, or TF.
Guy 1: Hey did you hears about that prank i pulled at school today?
Guy 2: Yea man, that was WTF.
by TheGoldBull July 08, 2012
Acronym for "What The Fucks" a noun form of wtf referring to situations of great bewilderment, stupidness or nonsense. Normally, not a positive situation.
All that's on TV these days is a bunch of wtfs. There's no quality news, tv programs or anything of use being aired.
by ddab007 January 30, 2012
Why the Face
Dude WTF your girlfriend only broke up with you, you whole family died from the war, you lost your legs and arms, and your cellphone exploded...

oh ok now i see you have a splinter.
by WTFevery1alreadytookalthenames December 30, 2010
-welcome to facebook ;)
son) WTF
father) what did you just say
son) welcome to facebook

by rawwwrrr! December 21, 2010
1) Abbreviation meaning "What the f***". Very overused.

2) What I'm thinking when I see Obama talk.

3) Generally how 14 year old girls try to look cool in chat rooms.
1) Wow man wtf was that?

2) He's going to spend how much? WTF?!?!?

3) And I wazz like WTFZZ is thiz stuf OMG like LOL WTF TTYL

Oh also if you use this word you need to kill yourself.
by xINSANEx xMODZx August 21, 2010
Waffles Together Forever
Waffler #1: WTF <3

Waffler #2: :D
by sexywafflersfriend July 29, 2010

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