what the fish
omg what the fish, what the fish mann, WTF
by jungle poo April 28, 2012
What does WTF stand for?

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (:
by MyNameIsChloeeee April 21, 2010
Stands for...

1. What the fuck

2. Why the face, a school-appropriate way to say 'What the fuck'.
Person 1: Hey, i heard that the guy you like is gay!

Person 2: WTF! What the fuck!


Person 2: Sorry! Why the face! I really liked him!
by WHY THE FACE! October 27, 2009
means what the fuck. less used definitions include what the family, what the friend, and what the fudge.
CalJsportz: its funny cuz like right away you respond back
Smarterchild: i love you a lot.
CalJsportz: wtf
Smarterchild: what... the... f... oh, i get it.
by Sir Callahan September 10, 2007
Welcome To Facebook
Son: so, my dad has a fb now... WTF!
Dad: what does wtf mean?
Son: Welcome To Facebook
by Lucio Soph December 05, 2010
1. An acronym, usually meaning "What the fuck", widely used in chat programs, forums, etc.
Note: It doesn't always mean "What", it can also be Who, When, Where, and Why.
2. A phrase used when in shock or surpise.
3. A phrase used when people cannot spell out the whole three words, or just prefer choosing this WTF other than anything more appropiate.
4. Any words that fit in the acronym, WTF, such as
Where's the Food?, What's This For? , Write to File, and What The Freak.
Noob #1: WTF H3 1SH CHEETiiNG onMEHz!
Noob #2: WTF, cheetiing? o___o;;
Noob #1: YESHiES! WTF...I wonder what that means...
Noob #2: Dude...Enough. WTF do you mean WTF? -__- Way to Fly?
by Jennifer DER ;] January 19, 2006
Although many mistake this abbreviation as 'What the fuck?' or 'World Taekwondo Federation', it actually stands for 'Welcome to Facebook!'. First coined by Abraham Lincoln in the late Jurassic Era, WTF became a popular phrase used by young people everywhere. Abraham Lincoln was shortly after assassinated by Communism, starting both the Vietnam War, and WWII (and the Cold War, if you really want to call it a war).
"WTF Mom!?! You added me on Facebook!?!"
"What does WTF mean young man!!"
"uhhh... Welcome to Facebook?"
"Ohh, thank you!"
by DevSteve March 31, 2012
Who the fuck
The (w) is meaning who instead of what
Person1- omfg I just saw Garrett Hedlund at Starbucks
Person2- (w)tf is Garret Hedlund!?!?!?
by E/V August 05, 2011
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