what the fish
omg what the fish, what the fish mann, WTF
by jungle poo April 28, 2012
want to fuck
Tomas:what do you think about joy.
Chris:i wtf that.
by Charliethefuckinunicorn March 22, 2009
what's this foolishness?
If you were to recieve a math test paper, and it said "wtf?" you have clearly committed a very obvious error.
by TFO January 11, 2009
It can mean multiple things. Who the fuck? When the fuck? What the fuck?
"WTF! I know you hack!"
"wtf are you?"
"wtf are you gonna get back?"
by Script October 09, 2004
what the fiddle sticks
person 1 "i want to suck your blood!"
person 2 "wtfs"
person 1 "sorry random moment"
by boosh lover May 25, 2009
WTF = Where's the filling?
Dude, wtf???

Hmmm, I don't know.
Did you check inside of the twinkie?
by Jesseh. August 06, 2008
A word said when exclaiming something, often shocking or horrible. Often used in chatspeak
WTF, why are you talking about gay swans?
by BreakerofBoundaries September 18, 2006
basicly it jus means
generally only used on im's such as MSN
like wtf am i doing talking to this loser
by baby-angel April 20, 2006

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