what the fish
omg what the fish, what the fish mann, WTF
by jungle poo April 28, 2012
an abbreviation of "What The Fuck" used primarily in text messaging but also as an exclamation in situations where vularity is used with discretion
WTF asshole! I was going to eat that!
by SammyD October 03, 2005
wtf - Water the Flowers
Bob: Yo Tom! WTF!!!!
by nani? naruto?! November 26, 2004
abbreviation for what the fuck?
by Jesus April 22, 2003
WTF: Where's The Fun? Used to shock people who normally expect this to mean what the f*ck. Instead, use it in frustrating or boring situations.
Boss: Okay, staff it's time for our meeting.
You: Oh, WTF! (Where's the fun?)

Teacher: Okay, class it's time for a pop quiz....
You: Oh, WTF! (Where's the fun?)
by Serraboy65 November 02, 2010
most people believe that wtf is a vulgar slang that stands for what the fuck. But it is a misunderstood word. It actually means "why the face?" commonly used with OMG "oh my gosh/goodness/god"
dude 1: hey dude did you see that?
dude 2: OMGWTF?!? (oh my god why the face?)
by OmGWtF dude October 11, 2009
Wtf can mean the more common "what the fuck" but, can also mean "what the fudge". This is more helpful if parents are around.
1.guy 1: BANANA
guy2: wtf are you on mate?

2. dude1:dont swear my moms here..
dude2: (what the fudge)wtf man..? why not?
by im'an'emo'girl September 01, 2008
1. What the Fuck (?)
(pronounced double-u-tee-eff or what the fuck)

2. Work Time Fun- a game for PSP, but can also be used to replace the meaning of what the fuck.

3. World TKD Federation
bob- hey you guys, im comin out of the closet. I'm gay.
joe- WTF?
bob- hey you guys, im comin out of the closet. I'm gay.
joe- work time fun?
bob-hey you guys, I got a new game for PSP called Work Time Fun or WTF
joe- work time fun? wtf? what the fuck?

bob- hey you guys, I'm competing in the WTF
joe- WTF? The World Taekwondo Federation?
by koopa7 February 08, 2007

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