what the fish
omg what the fish, what the fish mann, WTF
#wtf #what #the funk #the #fish
by jungle poo April 28, 2012
1. What the Fuck
2. Woot ta fook
3. I'm to lazy to type "What the Fuck"
"The world is now in a nuclear winter" but australia is still like "WTF mate"
#wtf #lmao #lmfao #roflmfao #rofl #lol #haha
by Jeff Calhoon June 24, 2007
Means What The Fuck.

Another TF abb. is HowTF.
Fu: I found out last night that I am inheriting $1,000,000!
Ck: WTF?!!!
#whattf #wheretf #whotf #whytf #whentf #howtf.
Wartburg Track and Field
I used to run for WTF
#run #fast #fall #down #get #up #win
by **..L..O..L..A..** April 26, 2007
wtf normally means what the fuck?
But you can use any of the 5 w's in place of what.
Dude1: Yo dude2 man can hook me up wit that girl in your class?
dude 2: Wtf eueuuwwwwww why? She's so ugly.

ex 2: Dude im goind to the AMC later wanna come wit?

dude2: Wtf is the AMC.
In this example the w stands for where.
by kidcanada101 June 27, 2004
What The Fuck
used a lot when you don't know what is going on
N00b: MOG@!!!!! i own3d your ammaamam1
T.K : WTF?
by TAKAVAR March 27, 2004
Westeren Trade Faderation
Her: Where do you work....?
You: WTF Bitch?
by Dr. Dentist October 15, 2003
Acronym for "wack the ferret." A less offensive translation of "wtf," which is more appropriate around young children and/or their overly protective parents.
Angry Lawyer: WTF!
Little Boy: Mom, what does "wtf" mean?
Mom: It means "wack the ferret," son.
#wtf #ferret #wack #what #qtf
by Fenixclone September 21, 2007
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