It is a acronym for Wead Think Explain. WTE is the process of recording what time it is when a person is high off life on any social network. WTE must be written immediately before a specific time and must be accompanied by a explanation of what you are doing.
Such as "WTE at 2:09 pm. you guys have no idea how hard it is to think."
by PrinceDeL3on June 10, 2012
Top Definition
A grueling, evil, impossible, extremely difficult and painful form of torture offered as a class at NYU. It stands for "Writing the Essay."
A: I hate WTE
B: I know, I'm waiting for my moment of exhilaration
by nyu13 November 05, 2009
Worse than expected.
Dude how's college going for you this year?

wte man, I can't find shit to do out here.
by 5n0w November 08, 2009
Stands for "what the explicit." An expression of surprise or complete disbelief. Used mostly in replacement of "WTF."
Joe: I have a confession, Jane. I cheated on you with your bff, Jen.

Jane: WTE! You are such a JERK!!
by Person 0001 December 20, 2008
a slang used for whatever
girl: "i fucken hate you"

other snobby girl: "...wte"
by ashfjaod September 27, 2006
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