See What the Dickens?

An exclamation, in a similar vein to "What the hell?". Derives from popular dead author and dead street fighter Charles Dickens.
Person 1: "While you were out I broke into your house and shat in your oven."

Person 2: "What the Dickens?!"

Person 1: "Ol.."
by kleptonin May 12, 2004
"Want to die"

Used when you want to tell that you just, like the word says, want to die.

If u r having a bad day, scream it out!! WTD! :P
- Hey dude! Come over here n check this out!
- Piss of, I just WTD

- 'Sup, how is it hangin'?
- My back hurts, I burned myself on the stove and I got Spanish test on friday. WTD!
by mEwosh March 21, 2007
an acronym. stands for 'what the deuce?' generally used in preference to wtf? or by posher ppl.
WTD is going on here?
by Freedd September 26, 2006
WTD= "What The Dick"

Used to replace "WTF (What The Fuck)" In cases where either you are trying to be funny, or being really serious - even more serious then "What the fuck".
Jeff: "Hey, Steven I took your girlfriend."
Steven: "WTD is wrong with you jackass!"
by seriously.ur.basic March 07, 2015
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