wants the dick
kelly wtd so bad. she was all over me
by jesusismybitch August 16, 2011
WTD stands for "What's the deal?" this is used when WTF is slightly too aggressive for the situation, however you still experience something that does not seem right.
That girl Sara totally didn't show up to study with us... WTD?
by theman2222 February 28, 2010
What the duck

The *d* key is way too near the *f* key
-wtd r u on bout?

-There was a duck, chicken, and goose in a pond, and 1 got eaten. -W, td?
by necat November 19, 2005
Abbreviation for Weapon of Total Destruction. A colbalt bomb is a WTD.
Where most are afraid of a WMD, most should be afraid of WTD.
by Leleo November 07, 2005
whats the deal
wtd with that?
by w3rd January 24, 2003
What the Dell?
What the Dell is that fucking guy doing?
by shitface April 13, 2003
We Tall Did.
A retarded way of saying the word "retarded".
Duh, hi, my name is joshef, and I'm we tall did. Der, uh huh.

Joe: sup
Jenny: hi, john
Joe: ya see debby today? what's wrong with her?
Jenny: yeah, idk. she's wtd.
by GeckoLT November 07, 2006

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