Abriviated for Whites Taking Control a very popular young gang in southern california, usually associated with your skinheads, dirtheads, or bros symbolising white power.
WTC- White taking control
by Veronica123Victoria September 30, 2008
Short for 'What the Cock?'
When you see something Fucked up, you'll say 'wtc was that?'
by lame89465 September 01, 2008
Short for "way too cool".
Rence: Hey! Where's Gio?
Jackie: Is he wtc for class?
Wes: Oh yeah, you know he is!
by J.Lee May 22, 2005
The World Trade Center. A place where the Twin towers were once standing until the bastard Jews demolished it.
"Turns around, and views the WTC"
"Oh my god, the Towers are collapsing!"
"Those filthy filthy Jews....
by evidence April 18, 2006
When you are off the phone
Could you come over

WCT - a modern day acronym used mainly at call centers in the US to indicate one employee would like to speak to another in person

via Instant Message:

Hey Ben WTC?
by Bennett69Odonnell69 December 26, 2007
as in WTF But its what the catfish?
so i pulled the shocker off last night on jenna.

by dont faaackin worry about it February 12, 2008
A Northern Irish shortening of the slang phrase "What's the craic" (pronounced crack) which means "What's up" "What's happening" etc.
NornIronBloke_1: Alright lad wtc?
NornIronBloke_2: ffs you know how much it hurts from last nite!
by Double G August 07, 2006

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