An acronym for "What The Crap?". Often used in instant messaging conversations, to indicate confusion at what someone has said. Slightly more polite version of the acronym wtf.
Dave: i'm in bunbury
Mike: haha wtc
by The_Dave September 24, 2005
What the crap.

It is an alternative to wtf. It can me used as a statement and a question.
Guy1: Like my new shoes?
Guy2: WTC, they're pink.

Guy3: WTC? Pink shoes?
by mikethefish June 02, 2005
another saying for: what the crap!
a nicer version of WTF! or what the fuck!
bob: i like cheeez
jo: WTC! that was random!
by puppy_blew8998 August 22, 2008
Synonymous to WTF. Replace the "F" word with "cuss", ergo, "what the cuss".

It is an alternative, and less vulgar phrase for WTF.

First heard in the movie "The Fantastic Mr. Fox"
Badger: You're not moving into the tree house.
Mr. Fox: Like "cuss" I'm not.
Badger: The butcher factories nearby are not safe for you to live near.
Mr. Fox: "WTC" are they gonna do? Blow my house down? Chop the tree down to smithereens?
Badger: Fine, we'll set up a meeting with the real estate agent.
Mr. Fox: Don't you ever "cussing" tell me what to do again? Do you "cussing" hear me?
Badger: Yes! I "cussing" hear you now get the "cuss" out of my den!
by foxcusshunter November 16, 2009
An acronym for Way Too Cool Syndrome (also known as Far Too Cool Syndrome), referring to people that are just way to "cool" for their own good.
That chick's suffering from WTCS.
by jay_bee September 16, 2008
Stands for "What the crap"
bologna123: Hey do you remember what i told you earlier?
by Hannah C. May 30, 2005
Abbreviation for what the crap

Similar to wtf - usually typed and not spoken

1.) Expresses confusion about the meaning of what was just said
2.) Acknowledges the complete randomness of a statement
Stefanie: I like monkeys.
Robyn: wtc...
by Stefanie May 10, 2005
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