meaning: what the beans!!?!?!
A funnier way to say what the hell or what the fuck
WTB is your problem!!!
(what the beans)
by BeCcA ScHdubayaa October 23, 2006
Acronym for "What the bitch?"
Alternative to "What the fuck?" (WTF)
wtb mate?
WTB?? 0_o
by YepItsMe May 16, 2006
Acronym meaning "What The Balls"

A saying of epic proportions that can be used in any situation involving anything, especially Hidden Valley Ranch.

Originated from one of the most badass Xbox 360 clans that no one has ever heard of. The Original members were from Tucson and Vail, Arizona starting their reign of terror at Cienega High School in Vail over the weekends.
Can you say Hidden Valley Ranch with a straight face?
by WTBxBrowncoat February 08, 2008
what the bur, similair to wtf
Dave: My GF just dumped me
John: wtb!
by anonomousegman November 28, 2006
White Trash Bitch

A trashy little Ho, skank, that usually abides in trailers and/or double wides in predominantly lower income white neighborhoods. She is a cheap slut that often steals other boyfriends/husbands and is willing to put out for chump change. Also goes by the names "Meth ho", "Gutter wench", and "Hey you, come here I have a quarter!"
That WTB is hittin' on my boyfriend!
by HPOA in Denver May 13, 2006
Acronym stands for "What the Blood!?"

Can be used interchangeably with "WTF"
Definition: Explains sheer confusion or aghast.
Tyrell: "Yo Tyrone, I tried what you said, I smacked Laquisha in the face with my cock. Dude, you lied, she didnt like it all, she punched me!"

Tyrone: "WTB!??!"
by Jeet May 14, 2007

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