Acronym stands for "What the Blood!?"

Can be used interchangeably with "WTF"
Definition: Explains sheer confusion or aghast.
Tyrell: "Yo Tyrone, I tried what you said, I smacked Laquisha in the face with my cock. Dude, you lied, she didnt like it all, she punched me!"

Tyrone: "WTB!??!"
by Jeet May 14, 2007
Stands for "Want To Bet". Used in discussions groups to indicate something something very likely to happen.
WTB that there's something else wrong???
by fixit101 October 18, 2006
What the beans, in replace of "what the hell"
Can be used in STBU- Shut the beans up!
WTB is going on here?
by migel June 04, 2005
What the Bollocks...
Often used as an alternative to WTF, as it is less severe.
user 1: Hey everyone, check out this picture!
user 2: wtb is that on his head?
by Squink November 19, 2004
Where's The Beef? Originally from a 1980s Wendy's hamburger commercial.
This was a ripoff! I was expecting a quality product. Where's The Beef???
by Bankstercide July 20, 2004
stands for "What the balls", used highly in forums like gamefaqs.com
wtb is she talking about?
by Jerrodd May 03, 2004
what the beggar??
who the beggar??
when the beggar??
Jackson: You're fat
Tay: WTB are you talking about??

Jackson: Do you know who i am?
Tay: No, WTB are you?

Jackson: I'm going to go down the street to beg for some money.
Tay: WTB are you going to do that?
by justin5ow November 19, 2006
meaning: what the beans!!?!?!
A funnier way to say what the hell or what the fuck
WTB is your problem!!!
(what the beans)
by BeCcA ScHdubayaa October 23, 2006

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