A car that used to be cool, even more so in the STi version, and used to be the dream car of many while playing Gran Turismo before the car became available in North America. The WRX is also sadly replacing the Civic as the car of choice for young ricers who makes you want to drive your Subaru with a paper bag on your head so you don't get associated with them.
"Wow man, look at that WRX, it looks fast!!!"

"Urgh! All the rice on it actually makes it slower than a Buick"

"Looks cool though!"

*shoots himself*
by rallysport December 22, 2011
WRX- Wanna Race Exe
"WRX - I thought it stood from world rally cross, but im assured that it stands for wanna race exe"
by joseph bwalya May 27, 2009
an automobile made by the Subaru Corporation whose interior smells curiously like a new pair of athletic shoe.
My new Nikes smell like a WRX.
by netteach March 14, 2003
A fully sick car me cuz Mohammod has, it has a fully sick turbo... snaps ya average bogan mobile mate coz its fully sick..

Me rexy got them AWD thingos that bogans dun have.. CHOPS V8s mate

Its got them Sony subwoofers mate, fully sick.. sick mate sick


Even me sister Fatima drives one, she can fully kick ya mum's commodore mate..
Check me fully sick WRX bro, its got me 6inch exhaust mate, and chops bogan mobiles mate..

sick WRX mate sick...
by Habibi Muckmood November 08, 2004
a XIAOmobile that many wannabe-rally people want. Usually blue in color and has a big fart can.
"My Wrx can mow faces in the rally curcuit! Watch out SKYLINE ill pwn you on dirt!"
by blah January 01, 2005
An over-rated import car, commonly looking insanely average, except for the extremely ugly hood scoop.
Dude, did that (American Muscle/Opel/just about any performance vehicle) just completely obliterate that WRX?
by Opeler April 12, 2006
A car that will get killed by any SRT-4 Has a nice sounding exhaust but the SRT-4 still sounds better
Dude, a NEON had your WRX for breakfast!
by NeonFan January 05, 2005
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