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Acronym. Would Rather Insert My Dick In The Hoover..

Phrase often used by gents of integrity when discussing the Drex Rating of a target specimen..

Useful for bar room banter when ladies are present, especially "friends" of the beast are within earshot..

Of course, that means one may be asked to explain what it means..
Jack:- So then, Drex, would you slip it one?

Drex:- Wrimdith..

It's Friend:- What's that mean?

Drex:- Well, Rather Interesting. Most Desirable, I Truly Hope..

It's Friend:- Thats great, she has been after you for ages, I'll go tell her, she will be well chuffed..

Jack:- You're in luck Drex! Go for it!

It:- Hi Drex, Feeling lucky tonight?

Drex:- You look absolutely stunning tonight I have to say, and this kingsized boner I have for you is truly ready for the pleasures of the night.. But first of all, allow me to buy you a drink in the time honoured way of the true gentleman.. Just wait here a moment, I'll have to pop out to the car and get my wallet...
#dog ugly #wouldnt touch it with yours #the forgotten wallet trick #gentlemans white lie #pigs in knickers
by Drex Johnson October 21, 2011
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