abreviation for 'way over the top'
jess: i studied all over the holidays for science
sam: w.o.t.t!!! (actually meaning: way over the top)
by Samdawg April 25, 2007
Top Definition
Acronym of "Well Over The Top"
Used for a house covered in too many christmas lights or decorations, so that they look over the top, ridiculous and tacky.
That house is a WOTT, look at all them lights!
by Hazel-ishness April 18, 2011
Overtly masculine female of the species who has been so long without sexual penetration that she actually takes on the form of a male.
"oh look at that thing in the dungaree's. Thats a real life WOTT."
by jimladen August 21, 2003
one who has a hairy palm
wears a wizards hat and dances round fishing ponds on one leg shaking their hairy hand furiously
wott is that hairy handed ladymale doing dancing round my fishing live stock on one leg
by rodger poultry September 08, 2003
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