WotE stands for the new Warcraft III map War of the Ents. It is still in it's early stages, but if getting a high % of positive feedback.

Once Halo_king116 finishes the newest version, he will mass realease, or so the website said.

Though not popular yet, the people who love WotE hope it to one day get popular.
"Man, that WotE game is awesome! Lets play again"
by Pointyfern July 04, 2006
Top Definition
An acronym for an indie band named Walk Off The Earth. The band is based in Burlington, Ontario (Canada) and includes Ryan Marshall, Gianni Luminati, Mike Taylor, Joel Cassady and Sarah Blackwood. They are now mostly known for their cover of "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye.
I'm going to a WOTE concert tonight!!
by SarbearK January 26, 2012
An acronym standing for Winners Of Tonight's Event. WOTE (woah - tay) is commonly used as a team name in recreational sports leagues.
Tonight the WOTE team dominated the opposition at dodgeball.
by Dannolicious February 06, 2007
When your stomach is so full it shows (or feels like it shows)
Dude, my tummy is wote
by wordinger May 29, 2016
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