Acronym for Waste Of Sperm. A worthless and generally useless individual. Someone who is a waste of genetic material.
That useless punk is a W.O.S.
by Mikster August 22, 2006
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WOS is the acronym for Walk Of Shame
I got so shmammered last night and went home with that guy and now am doing the "WOS" heels in hand, mascara running down my face and bra in purse...Where am I, what was his name and what was I thinking?
by The Natty Lite June 20, 2011
1. Abbreviation form of Waste of Space
2. Abbreviation form of Waste of Semen a term popularized by Greenday
3. Someone (usually someone annoying) who doesn't contribute anything to society and also is hideous in appearance.
4. Some thing on the hard drive that isn't necessary.
5. A site that has no purpose to be.

WOS is pronounced like DOS or loss.

WOS is a noun but is often incorrectly used as an adjective (e.g. what a WOS shirt)
1. Correct: Josh is such a big fat WOS.
2. Correct: MS-DOS is such a WOS.
3. Correct: is such a WOS.
1. Incorrect: Linda has a WOS haircut, it makes her look like a guy.
by Ness June 01, 2005
An acronym used for Waste of Sperm.

That giant slob is an absolute WOS.
by Jayman101 April 07, 2008
the acronym for walk of shame, which means going to work in the clothes you were wearing the following day due to excessive partying and/or sleeping somewhere you didn't expect.
by VAKI5 August 18, 2003
(pronounced like "loss") vb. Also: WoSsing, WoSsed.

To mix the music in a concert so badly as to crate a Wall of Sound. Occurs most often in Metal shows, but can happen anywhere there's a terrible mixer.
Dude, I was so psyched for the Mars Volta show, but then the mixer totally WoSsed it. That ruined my night.
by Snail of Doom November 23, 2008
Waste Of Sperm.
Me: Ew, look at that ugly chick!
You: What a W.O.S.!
by HippoFreeAmerica October 18, 2010

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