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A text abbreviation for "Wagging My Tail". Its A thing you use when you are happy. Invented In Pennsylvania
Tyler- Dude: I'm So Happy it's Friday, WMT.
by theatregeek123 September 13, 2010
7 3
The random scrambling of words that occurs when pressing 9, 6, and 8 on a cellular phone's keypad and trying to spell "you" using the input method of t9.
text1: Are wmt going to the show?
text2: Idk..are wmt?
by kelseyay January 10, 2009
17 9
wagging my tail used when either happy or anxious
originated in Sophie's shower
big test tomorrow wmt (anxious)
wall fock wins wmt! (happy)
by wall fock September 04, 2011
4 1