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WMFO is an acronym for Wide Mother Fuckin Open

Origin: Panama City Beach Florida. Two redneck chicks jump in a Jeep and say "this car is WMFO!" Had to be explained to me.

1. Extreme openness to the elements or surroundings
2. Free of plans or agenda and open to all options
3. Without any obstacles or barriers
4. Full speed or throttle
1. When we walked into the bar it was all dark but my friend said we should sit out on the deck it's WMFO.
2. What are my plans for the weekend? Nada...I'm WMFO.
3. Jimmy was sweating the security system when he went to nick Speaker City but it was WMFO
4. Bro we were cruising on Rick's Donzi we had that thing WMFO doing 50 knots.
#open #wide open #full throttle #balls out #free #uncontested
by Jorge LA January 15, 2009
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