The thing the "Coalition of the willing" have totally failed, and have now officially stopped looking for in Iraq. Neocon scare tactics will probably cover this one up as well.
"Hey Rumsfeld! We can't find any weapons!"

"Bah humbug. .... Let's go bomb Syria! They have WMD!"
by concerned citizen January 12, 2005
abbreviation for "wagging my dick"

usually used after stating an accomplishment
told a bitch wearing a susan b anthony shirt to go make me a sandwich. #wmd

just aced that final exam. #wmd
by 164Seton March 16, 2011

A parody of the phrase "whip my hair" used instead in extreme mad cunt moments such as when sluts are seen flying through the air. Extreme notation enforced of "i dont fucking care" and "omg is this guy for real" when used. Can also refer to actual whipping of a dick, which can either mean jacking off at something exceptionally hot and uberliciously sexy or getting your dick actually whipped because you've been a bad boy (take of that what you will).
1. nerd: "OMG i think i just failed that test!!"
does-not-give-a-fuck student: wmd.



*sluts crash landing*
by PACKMYSUITCASE November 30, 2010
weapon of mass disruption: something or someone that causes a massive reaction in public.
The guy that caught the ball during the cubs game was a weapon of mass disruption. witness the amount of objects hurled at him.
by nolipz the midnight marauder October 23, 2003
Woolly Mammoth of Destruction. Code name for a large, neanderthal-ish looking Persian women. Very rough physically (likes to push and punch), in manners, communication, etc. Enjoys food to a point that the WMD will eat it off the floor. Avoid at all cost.
Guy 1: Just look at that fat bitch, she is forcing herself onto that little guy.
Guy 2: That's sad dude, he is gonna be trampled by the W.M.D.
by Leonar V September 20, 2008
Refers to a flirty obese womans huge breasts.
She was attacking them with her W.M.D.s
by Hana502 February 16, 2008
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