The thing the "Coalition of the willing" have totally failed, and have now officially stopped looking for in Iraq. Neocon scare tactics will probably cover this one up as well.
"Hey Rumsfeld! We can't find any weapons!"

"Bah humbug. .... Let's go bomb Syria! They have WMD!"
by concerned citizen January 12, 2005
A WMD, which stands for "weapon of mouth destruction," is an enormous lip full of chewing tobacco packed by a bro whilst chaying with his bros. WMDs are even bigger than gaggers --- this shit is legit.
Me and Jackson were chayin' last night and he packed a fucking WMD, dude. Filled a whole fucking Poland Spring with dipspit.
by atforpres June 01, 2011
Woman of Mass Distraction
That honey is one fly WMD.
by MIDABI ONE April 29, 2010
Weapon of Mass Distruction - slang term used by well endowed gent when referring to his larger than average manhood
Gary threatened WMD on every MILF he could find
by Big Gazza November 18, 2005
WMD - Acronym (Weapon of Mass Destruction): An implement of war utilized to inflict mass casualties. These weapons typically fall into three categories: Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear.

Chemical Weapon - Using a caustic, non-biological agent to harm living entities.

Biological Weapon - Using a living organism (disease, virii, etc.) to harm living entities.

Nuclear Weapon - Utilizing an uncontrolled nuclear fission reaction (atomic bomb) and/or radioactive materials ("dirty bomb") to cause destruction to living entities and inanimate objects.

Needless to say, the production, possession, trade, and use of WMDs is and will remain a topic of contention and controversy.
A "Neutron Bomb" is a fictional WMD. In theory, it uses a powerful (so far fictional) agent "Red Mercury" to cause a massive flux of energy. It causes no concussive blast, but annihilates all living organisms within a large radius.
by Generic January 03, 2004
weapon of mass disruption: something or someone that causes a massive reaction in public.
The guy that caught the ball during the cubs game was a weapon of mass disruption. witness the amount of objects hurled at him.
by nolipz the midnight marauder October 23, 2003
With My Dick
I'll take care of you WMD.
by OhBabyYou'dLikeThat January 23, 2011
Woolly Mammoth of Destruction. Code name for a large, neanderthal-ish looking Persian women. Very rough physically (likes to push and punch), in manners, communication, etc. Enjoys food to a point that the WMD will eat it off the floor. Avoid at all cost.
Guy 1: Just look at that fat bitch, she is forcing herself onto that little guy.
Guy 2: That's sad dude, he is gonna be trampled by the W.M.D.
by Leonar V September 20, 2008

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