The Bush admin.'s best excuse to go to war with Iraq for oil.
Let's see, the American people won't believe that we was to Iraq for water...
by army_azn January 30, 2005
Women On My Dick
Jonlajoie: ...I do chicks. In Iraq they found WMDs, "Women on my dick".
by MutinyVT February 15, 2011
synonomys with tooth fairy, santa claus, easter bunny, etc.
america has them to protect the world against terrorism. but yet nobody else is allowed to have them because they are going to destroy america.
by young nasty-man May 31, 2005
See George Bush, Dubya, etc.
Want to find a real weapon of mass destruction? Look at who you've just elected as your President.
by Rou November 04, 2004
I know where they are. They're in my ass.
Eat at Taco Bell and you'll definitely have WMDs within 4 hours.
by diarrhea August 02, 2003
1. White Military Dickhead; A young, narcisstic caucasian male between the ages of 20 and 25 who uses his "service" in the military as an excuse the exemplify a superiority complex.
2. White Military Discriminate; A young, xenophobic white male who's excuse to join any military service is to kill Arabian, Islamic, Iraqi, and Afghani citizens, regardless of their role in the world; A closeted racist.
3. White Military Dipshit; A young, ignorant white male who feels that, due to "serving" in the military and "fighting" for the United States of America, that every individual around him should treat him like a hero or a king.
4. White Military Deliquent; A young white male who signed up for active military service because he is plays Call Of Duty, Gears Of Wars, and other Military-based video games.
"A girl I known is dating a WMD, who acts as if serving in the military justifies his anger towards everyone else."
by badmoon July 02, 2012

A parody of the phrase "whip my hair" used instead in extreme mad cunt moments such as when sluts are seen flying through the air. Extreme notation enforced of "i dont fucking care" and "omg is this guy for real" when used. Can also refer to actual whipping of a dick, which can either mean jacking off at something exceptionally hot and uberliciously sexy or getting your dick actually whipped because you've been a bad boy (take of that what you will).
1. nerd: "OMG i think i just failed that test!!"
does-not-give-a-fuck student: wmd.



*sluts crash landing*
by PACKMYSUITCASE November 30, 2010
Stands for woman of mass deception.

Could be used to describe any female (or group thereof) fitting the description of a cheating, lying, and/or overall deceiving witch.

Contrary to the beliefs of ancient Mezopotamians and Greek philosophers, WMDs can be tamed to a normal female state given a proper dose of physical abuse and micromanagement of her everyday affairs.
Tiger Woods never cheated, his wife is just a WMD.
by Mathayus of Zanzabar June 14, 2010

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